Storifying Paul Walker’s Death.

It was probably the most shocking news of the weekend: Paul Walker dies in a terrible car crash in Northern Los Angeles this past Saturday. I remember hearing the news and thinking that it couldn’t possibly be real. He was so young and had such a high celebrity status, how could he be gone so suddenly?

This is primarily the reason why I chose to Storify the death of the actor. I truly admired his work and his career as an established and successful Hollywood actor. Fast and  Furious was always one of my favorite movies. I loved the role Walker played, and I thought the movie was full of action and speeding thrills.

As soon as news broke out that the actor had died, millions reached out through social media to express their grief. I learned, mainly through Storify, to what extent the actor’s death had on his fans as well as other A-list celebrities. Many were quoted as saying “gone to soon.” His daughter, Meadow Walker, also posted a very heartbreaking tweet that included a picture of her and her father when she was just a baby.

Using Storify allowed me to truly explore all angles of Paul Walker’s death. I got to easily incorporate pictures, tweets, youtube videos, and google news into building my story. All in all, I believe that Paul Walker’s legacy that he left behind will live on forever. He touched the lives of so many and will therefore never be forgotten. Many of his co-stars and friends such as Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson also used social media to express their grief and sadness.

To check out my Storify on this tragic event, click here.




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